Why does my cat bite me?

Why your cat bites and how to control it

Cats are known for their playful nature. We all expect our kitties to be all loving and cuddly, but what happens when it turns and bites the owner? Chances are if your cat is biting you it is merely playing around. It is not really common for cats to bite their owners but it is not impossible either. It is weird to fathom that a cat would turn on its owner. But more often than not it is probably just trying to communicate something to the owner.

The cat could bite for two reasons. To begin with, the cat could just bite gently and not even break the skin, no bleeding. That is mostly referred to as a ‘love bite’.

Love bites don’t hurt and there is no bleeding involved. They are mainly harmless bites. One reason for the cat biting its owner is that it’s trying to seek attention. This could be one of its tactics that it may choose to alert its owner.

Experts also claim that another reason as to why these cats bite is to show their affection to their owner. As crazy as it sounds it could be true. They could just be communicating to their owners just to remind them that they are around or even just to alert them that it is playtime. Cats do need affection, they need to be petted and cuddled as well. Kitty cats love to play with their owners too. So if the owner has been neglecting the cat and avoiding play time a little nibble might just remind them.

In addition to all this the cat owner may be bitten aggressively. This kind of bite is not the friendly kind that can be assumed. This one could have broken the skin, and there may be a lot of bleeding involved. When a cat bites aggressively it is definitely painful. This bite should not be ignored as it could be infectious, as it has broken skin. Also cats may have rabies. It is important to ensure that the cat does get immunized and vaccinated as needed.

If and when the cat bites, seek medical attention immediately. Also, you might want to take the cat to the vet as it may be distressed – hence all the biting.

There are numerous reasons as to why a cat can choose to aggressively bite its owners:

• The cat may be playing roughly like it would with another cat. Kitties can get carried away during playtime and they may even bite due to all their energy, adrenaline and excitement. When cats play with each other they tend to use their teeth and claws. Some scratching, biting and even growling could be involved. Now and then the cat’s owner may suffer the same fate.

• Fear: The cat could be acting out of fear. The cat may see that it is in danger and hence choose to defend itself by biting. The cat may not like one of the house guests that its owners have brought to the house. It may pick up a danger vibe, and as a defense mechanism it may bite.

• Rough playing: the owner of the cat may be playing a really aggressive game with the cat and the cat feels like it should also play rough. If the owner plays too aggressively with the cat then there is a chance that the cat will bite back.

• The cat may lack toys to play with so it may use your body as a toy. The cat may feel like gnawing on a toy but if no toys have been provided then the cat may improvise. It is the cat owner’s responsibility to ensure that the cat has plenty of toys to play with. The cat needs toys it can bite and chew on. Getting a scratching post too is great to avoid the cat scratching and biting the owner.

• The cat may simply want to show the cat owner who is running the show. If the owner tries to cuddle the cat and it responds with biting then there is a chance that the cat is trying to show the owner who is boss.

• Petting the cat in the wrong place: kitties love being petted. There is such a thing as over petting. The owners may get carried away and cross the line and pet the cat too much. The cat may bite as a warning sign to their owner to back off. The cat may be in pain or uncomfortable with the way they are being petted by their owners.

• Communicating: The conventional way that cats communicate is by purring. Cats can communicate through biting as well. Not normal, but the cat may be trying to get the owners attention. Here are some random reasons the cat may bite the owner for attention; it may need to use the litter box and the litter is dirty, it may be hungry or thirsty and have run out of food or water or it may simply want to play, or even just leave the house and go outside. The cat may bite its owner or other household members in order for it to get what it wants.

• Diet: The cat’s diet needs to have some animal protein; Cats are carnivores and need meat to survive. If the cat sees the owner eating meat and the cat is not offered meat in his diet, the cat may decide to bite the owner. For all this to be avoided, the cat owner needs to incorporate a diet that has loads of nutrients so that the cat is not lacking anything.

Biting can vary from adorable to annoying depending on the owner and the way they relate to their cat. It is a behavior that can be rectified but just like any habit, it takes a whole lot of patience, time and love.

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