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What kind of toys are best for your cat?

Toys are a fun way to keep your cat happy

Cats are complicated pets, picky, as well as smart. They are full of mischief, and need to be kept busy. Offering toys enables your cat to be more interactive. Spending quality time with it is an incredible way of increasing its happiness. Requiring stimulus, your cat needs your company. Cats hate playing alone.

You don’t need to purchase expensive toys for your cat. Neither should they be fancy. A simple toy will do for a happy cat.

Here are some of the toys to consider for your cat:

1. Catnip toys

These are enticing toys for your cats. Cats adore them and getting one for your cat will do it justice. The good news is, catnip toys are relatively cheap and can be made easily from home using readily available materials such as a hot glue gun and dried catnip.

Cats have great fun trying to unwrap catnip balls. These toys keep them busy thus giving you ample time to finish your work. You can easily organize catnip into balls and distribute them in a newspaper, floor or even cardboard.

2. Homemade toilet paper roll cat toy.

Toilet paper rolls can do magic. Instead of throwing them away, use them to make several toys for your cats. Some of these toys include treat rattles, sunshine toys, ring balls and simple rings. With these toys your cats will experience adventurous moments. Your cat will not only have the best moments at home but also enjoy itself to the fullest.

The toys don’t have to be boring and plain. Decorating them with smiling faces will make them exquisite. If your cat loves noise, then treat rattles have it covered. Your cat will spend its time trying to retrieve the treats or even removing the rattles.

3. Balls.

There are varieties of balls to choose from. Some examples are ping pong balls, Mylar balls, sponge balls, foil balls, laser balls and sparkle balls. Used on both hard and smooth surfaces, the balls are convenient for your cat. Playing catch and fetch with your cat will be an amazing scenario.

Having plenty of them will encourage your cat to chase them around the house making it exhilarated. Depending on your preferences, you can choose a ball based on qualities such as color, weight, quality, noise and price.

These balls are not advisable for outdoor activity. Retrieving the balls from underneath your chairs is the main disadvantage as it may leave you exhausted. Considering all the fun your cat will have, this shouldn’t be a problem.

4. Wand toys.

These are cheap, incredible cat toys available in numerous varieties including Cat dancers, da bird, fishing poles, peacock feathers, and feather dusters. Cats have a special liking for feathers. With feathers involved, your cat is assured to get lots of feline fun. Cats adore feathers as they offer a feeling of predatory satisfaction.

Tickle your cat with the feathers and make it happy. You should not ignore your cat even when dealing with household chores. Play with it once in a while. Scenting the wand toys will leave them with an incredible smell. With these toys your cat will certainly have entertaining moments.

5. Mice toys.

Historically, cats are known to be hunters. These toys will not only arouse curiosity in your cat but also enhance its creativity as a natural hunter. With some sounds produced when squeezed, your cat will enjoy playing with and chasing these toys.

6. Cardboard boxes.

Cats love adventures. What is more fascinating than having several boxes in your house for your cats? Cats love hiding since they are naturally wired to think that way. Whether big, small, wide or narrow, any box is just fine.
Next time when ordering a product online, or receiving Christmas or birthday gifts, don’t throw the box away. It’s one of the many cat toys which don’t need to be purchased.

7. Measuring tape of string/ ribbons/ threads.

Cats are inquisitive; seeing these kinds of strings give them a feeling of want. They try their best to catch everything. Dragging this string around the house while your cats follow is fascinating. This is a great way to train your cats and ensures a remarkable experience.

With the use of string products, your supervision is required to avoid unnecessary accidents. Swallowing of these products can be very harmful if not deadly.

8. Food dispensing toys.

Hiding food and making your cat find is fun to watch. To ensure comfortable use between your cat and toy, consider creating a bond. Make sure your cat gets used to it to avoid any inconveniences. Other than amusing your cat, regulating your cat’s meals will be achieved while managing the portions.
Your cat would be active and learn to fend for itself.

9. Chewing toy

Having a dental chew wheel would be nice for your kitten. Your cat will exercise its gums and teeth while playing, thus killing two birds with one stone. So fascinating, right? This toy is great for small kittens which are still growing.

10. Bird feeder.

If you want your cat to be entertained for hours, try a bird feeder. Through a closed window your cat might be glued to the sight, marveling at what’s outside the room. This might keep your cat occupied for a while.

Bottom line

Owning a cat is awesome. It’s not enough to feed it but taking care of it is a must. Providing it with adequate materials, especially toys would contribute to its happiness. You should be cautious with the toys. Remember to store the toys safely after use.

Take breaks when playing with your cat or quit when the game gets tough. Your health matters. Buying your cat nice toys wouldn’t hurt. Ensure to choose the best of them to have an active, happy, and healthy pet.

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