Moderator instructions

Our Kindred Cats Moderator Instructions


  • Moderator purposes:
    • #1 – To approve appropriate member posts in a timely manner
    • #2 – To delete inappropriate member posts
    • #3 – To randomly monitor member responses to posts
    • #4 – To respond to posts, if you wish
    • #5 – To report to the Admin(s):
      • All inappropriate member responses
      • All inappropriate post requests
      • All questions about these requests
    • #6 – To approve or decline membership requests
    • #7 – To document the reason for disapproving a post or member request


  • The easiest way to check if there are any posts that are waiting for approval:
  • If the number is greater than zero, click on the link, and it will take you to the page listing the posts or members to approve.
  • If you are using a cell phone, your Notifications will let you know whenever you have a pending post or member request


  • A sample Post approval page (for those using a laptop/desktop):

  • Types of inappropriate posts (to delete):
v Content not available
v Picture – injured or dead animal
v Picture – not a cat
v Picture – cat in a cage

v Picture – of a cat that appears to have been painted

v Picture – unhappy cat that is wet from a bath

v Picture/video of a cat in a dangerous situation

v Advertisement – for a product
v Advertisement – for a service
v Advertisement – for a fundraiser or donations

v Advertisement – for an event of any type

v Advertisement – to sign a petition

v Advertisement – for a cattery or breeder

v Video – not cat-related
v Video – one that has a play button but links to a website (other than YouTube)

that contains the video

v Video of an action that could be considered cruel to the cat

v Link to a website that requires clicking a “next” button to get to a 2nd page
v Link to a website that is not cat-related
v Attempt to rehome or adopt cats

v Any post that can be considered negative (without a happy ending)

v Link to an article that might have a happy ending but many pictures of injuries

v Text post that just doesn’t make sense for OKC

v Text post about a controversial subject (like declawing or neutering)

v Duplicate post (submitted by same member)

v Picture or language that could be considered R- or X-rated

v Any Facebook Live event

v Any lost or found pet announcement

v Any post that can be considered tasteless

v Any picture/video of a cat in a dangerous situation

v Offensive language:  We all know some of the obvious words that we don’t allow in posts, but there are many others that might be called borderline.  Therefore, aside   from “hell” and “damn”, you should assume we do not allow those words in a post.  However, please feel free to ask the other moderators for their opinions if you are unsure.


v Note:  It’s okay to post a picture that is a link to a website blog article, but with restrictions:

1.     The post picture must pass the above criteria.

2.     The website must open fairly quickly.

3.     The article must be completely contained on just the one page.

4.     Never force the viewer to click on a button to get to a second page.

5.     The article must be easy to read.  Website ads are normal and okay, but they shouldn’t ever impede reading the article itself.

7.     The article must be informational and not just an advertisement.


v Note:  It’s okay to approve a link that goes directly to a YouTube video, provided the video meets the above criteria for approval.




  • A sample Member approval page:



How to judge OKC member requests



Member requests:


Deciding whether to approve or decline a person’s request to join Our Kindred Cats group is somewhat subjective.  The process may consist of adding up the positives and negatives and then comparing them against each other.  However, there are some factors that may allow you to immediately make a decision.  All of them are listed below.


There are 2 levels of Positives/Negatives to consider when deciding whether to approve a new member or not:  those that show up in the Notifications and those that are within the person’s timeline/profile.


If possible, use the following logic to decide just by looking at the person’s information displayed by the Notification.  However, if it is not, then dig into the person’s timeline/profile.


Follow this logic when evaluating a member’s request to join our group:


  • Look for reasons for immediate rejection or immediate approval in the Notifications. If so, you are done.
  • Look at Positives and Negatives in the Notifications
    1. Weigh them to see if there are enough of either to warrant a rejection or approval, without doubt
    2. If there aren’t enough, go to Step 3
  • Look at the Positives and Negatives on the timeline/profile
    1. Weigh them to see if there are enough of either to warrant a rejection or approval, without doubt
    2. If still in doubt, ask the other moderators to decide and leave it to them




Immediately reject, based on Notifications only:

Joined FB within the last week or …

Male with job in military

If invited by a member of the OKC group, the prospective member must be a friend of the person who invited them (“1 friend in group”).  If not, reject.


Immediately approve, based on Notifications only:

(Joined FB over 1 week ago, and Female) or …

Added by a member of Our Kindred Cats


Positives (in Notifications):

Joined FB over 1 month ago


Member of lots of groups

Multiple cat groups in common with you


Negatives (in Notifications):

Recently joined FB (within the last week)


Male who said he found out about OKC from his mother

Works for Facebook

Belongs to very few groups


Positives (in timeline/profile):

Cat/pet pictures

Cover photo

Profile photo

Normal-looking friends

Recent posts

Responses from others to recent posts


Negatives (in timeline/profile):

Male name/photos and female profile (“If you know ___, send her a message”)

Friends mostly from Africa or are celebrities

Lots and lots of posts, especially within the last few days



  • How to approve a member request:
    • Click on the Approve All button, then on the Confirm button
    • If you want to delete one or more of a group of member requests
      • First, individually delete each one required, leaving just those to be approved
      • Second, click on the Approve All for the rest


  • How to document the reason for deleting a post or member request
    • After deleting the request:
      • Go to OKC Activity Log page
      • Find the entry item that states you have deleted it
      • Add a comment to this post documenting why it was deleted


  • Activities NOT to be performed by Moderators:
    • Removing/blocking members  (notify Admin before deleting posts or comments)



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