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7 Perfect Gifts for the Cat Lover in Your Life

Thinking of the perfect gift for someone can be tricky. If that certain someone is a cat lover, however, a whole new world opens. Instead of aimlessly wandering store aisles, you can shop with a plan.

We dug around to find the ultimate gifts for the cat lover in your life. No matter how picky the person is, there’s something in this list of quirky presents for everyone.

1. Feline-Themed Clothes
These kinds of gifts are best saved for the proudest of cat people who would wear them with pride. Whether it be a pair of cat-covered socks or a hoodie your pet can ride in, these fashion choices make a fun statement. For evening attire, there are even robes plastered with cute kitty faces.

2. Funky Kitchen Supplies
There are all kinds of ways to add kitty charm to the kitchen. Replace boring magnets with the much more entertaining “cat butt magnets.” Make the morning cup of coffee more interesting by using a mug with a cat tail handle. For the baker in your life, try feline-themed oven mitts.

3. Purr-fect Decor
If your cat-loving friend doesn’t already have cat-themed décor throughout the home, that could be the perfect gift. Why use a regular towel rack when you could display an over-the-door kitty hanger? Anyone searching for more peace in their life will enjoy burning this beautiful cat candle.

4. Feline Art
For the artistically inclined, there are many clever, original prints available. This three-piece canvas features a classic pair of gorgeous green eyes against a black and white portrait. You could also take a more comical approach with this painting of a cat enjoying the morning paper whilst in his litter box.

5. Jewelry & Accessories
For a subtler gift, consider cat-themed jewelry or accessories. There are options for both men and women of all tastes. Check out unique pieces like these crescent moon earrings, this black cat watch, or this eye-catching pendant necklace. If you know a self-proclaimed “cat lady,” consider giving her this ring with the label inscription inside.

6. Crazy Cat Games
Did you know there’s a cat version of Monopoly called Cat-Opoly? With terms like “dog tax” and “fish bones,” we have to admit that the box has us intrigued. For a different style of entertainment, try a cat coloring book. These intricate, beautiful designs are created for adults to flex those creative muscles.

7. Cat-Friendly Gifts
Owning a cat can be pricey. With all the daily costs, many owners don’t want to splurge for more luxurious items. You can make both human and cat happy by purchasing an elaborate new toy, fancy cat condo, or gourmet bag of treats.

Many times, the best gifts are the ones people would love but would not think to get for themselves. If you’re still unsure about what to get for your cat-loving pal, ask them. You can’t go wrong with a personal request and specifying that you’d like to purchase something for their cat could trigger all kinds of ideas.


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