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5 Ways to Keep Your Cat Entertained While You’re Away

 Leaving your cat home alone is tough, even if just for the average workday. Certain cats are better at keeping themselves occupied than others. For the personalities that don’t cope well with alone time, there are things you can do to ease their discomfort.

We made a list of our five favorite ways to keep cats entertained while we’re away from home.

  1. Interactive Toys

Providing toys is one of the simplest ways to offer endless entertainment for your cat. Instead of the classic “mouse on a string” type toys, look for ones that will stimulate even when you’re not around to control them.

Self-propelling, battery-operated toys keep an energetic cat going for hours. Toys that look similar to the prey that cats would naturally hunt are always popular. Puzzles and foraging games are great ways to get a cat’s mind active. Food-motivated pets will appreciate a game that includes an edible reward at the end.

  1. Environmental Enrichment

Keeping a cat’s environment engaging can be as easy as putting a cardboard box in the living room. Ideally, your cat will have various levels of perches to hunker down on. He’ll probably spend most of the day on the highest perch, but it’s good to have choices.

Scratching posts or mats will save your furniture from enduring those kitty claws. If you’ve never given your cat feline-friendly grass, see if that’s something that piques their interest. For some cats, eating a little fibrous grass is a handy hairball remedy.

  1. Visual Entertainment

If you have a large window in your house, make your cat’s day by placing a cozy perch next to it. Cats love to watch the outside world from the safety of their special spot. Make this even more enticing by placing a bird feeder outside the window. Just don’t forget to keep that window closed!

For indoor entertainment, you can switch on your TV before you leave. Your cat might enjoy the regularly scheduled programming, but there are also DVDs made specifically for bored cats.

  1. Use Sound

A room with noise just naturally feels less lonely than a silent room. Try playing music and seeing how your cat responds. As long as it doesn’t have a nightclub-like, pulsing bass, your cat will probably roll with your song choices.

Similar to the cat DVDs, there are CDs made just to please feline ears. Many of these are meditative tunes meant to soothe, making them especially valuable for anxious cats.

  1. Find a Friend

Bringing home a second cat is no small decision. Keep in mind that not all personalities play well together. It takes a serious adjustment period for some cats to cohabitate peacefully.

If you’re ready for the challenge and aware of the possible consequences, having two cats can be a real pleasure. It’s nice to know they have a friend with them when you’re not around.

Cats are crafty and can entertain themselves while you’re at work or running errands. It’s kind to think of ways to improve your pet’s life, but don’t feel too guilty about leaving them home alone when necessary.


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