5 Things Only Fellow Cat Lovers Understand

Have you ever had company over and your cat sprints at a breakneck pace into the room, only to pause before sauntering back out? It hardly registers as an event in your mind, but your guests were probably surprised. There are some things we cat lovers understand, but someone who is not a fellow cat enthusiast cannot truly relate.

Are half the pictures on your phone just various angles of your kitty’s cute mug? Do you barely blink when a cat charmingly parks their butt in your face? Do you spend more time thinking about your cat’s diet than your own?

At Our Kindred Cats, we totally get it. So, pull up a chair and prepare to be understood.

Cat lovers understand these –

  1. Privacy is overrated.
    Trying to go to the bathroom? Make a cup of tea? Just generally enjoy a moment alone? Not with a cat in the house. Privacy and personal space really become things of the past. While it may be alarming to wake up at 3:00am and discover a furry face two inches from yours, at least it keeps life interesting.
  2. Cat hair becomes less annoying when you stop resisting it.
    Remember when you first got a cat and would painstakingly lint roll every hair off your sweater? Or maybe you didn’t. Perhaps you had the wisdom to know that resistance is futile. Regardless of how you arrived at the conclusion, it’s true. Cat hair, whether on your shirt, your couch, or your sink, is a part of life.
  3. You can find the fun in anything if you’re looking for it.
    Cats have a magical way of creating a good time wherever they are. They look comfortable wedged between two pillow cushions. They easily turn a cardboard box into hours of hide-and-seek fun. They can even turn a simple shower curtain into a thrilling game of swipe-the-human’s-ankle. Watching a cat turn mundane things into a celebration is one of the many joys a cat lover experiences.
  4. A purr is one of the greatest sounds in existence.
    Is there anything better than when your cat, happy to see you, rolls out a deep purr? Besides being a soul-soother, purring provides actual medical advantages. It can lower both your stress level and blood pressure. Research suggests that humans benefit from the healing vibrations of a purring cat. Next time you’re feeling calmed by your purring cat, know that there’s a science behind that feeling.
  5. Cats keep you living in the “now.”
    Sometimes the curiosity of a cat is overwhelming. When you’re in the middle of typing up an important document, your cat deciding to plop down on your keyboard is frustrating. Maybe you get tired of opening and closing the door because your cat changes their mind every three and a half seconds.

But this persistent zest for life is contagious, and it’s a great way to pull yourself back into the present moment. Being constantly interrupted by a keen feline may try our patience, but we’d sure miss it if it stopped.


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