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3 Ways Technology is Changing Cat Ownership

Litter Boxes, Toys, and More are Changing the Way We Care For Our Cats

Technology, whether we like it or not, changes our lives on a daily basis. While you expect this to happen in some areas of life, it may surprise you to learn that pet care is one of those rapidly developing fields.

Combining technology with cat care can produce mixed results. Not every cat–or human–will appreciate every device. What’s most exciting is the potential ability to care for our cats even when we are not home. If your cat requires extra care or you need to be away from home for longer than desired, these tools will be particularly useful.

Here are three ways technology could change the way you care for your cat.

  1. You don’t have to scoop the litter box anymore.

You’ve probably already heard of self-cleaning litter boxes. You may even have tried one before. Many previous attempts at manufacturing them left something to be desired. The startling, electronic cleaning and loud sounds often disturbed cats.

Fortunately, today’s self-cleaning boxes are a marked improvement upon previous models. There are endless options available depending on your cat’s inclinations. You can get them with or without a ceiling. They can come with automatic rakes or rotating cleaning mechanisms.

The thought of outsourcing this pesky task is definitely appealing to most cat owners. If you have a cat that hates any waste in his litter box, an automatic cleaner keeps things fresh at all times.

  1. Electronic toys can keep your pet occupied.

We all feel guilty when we have to leave our cats for long periods of time. Even when you are home, some cats prefer more play time than you can offer. One way to combat this problem is to provide electronic toys.

There are quirky toys available for every budget and preference. For example, if you have multiple cats, you might try a group-friendly one. Some electronic toys are unsafe without occasional supervision, so keep that in mind when making your purchase.

Self-propelling toys that move around erratically are useful for stimulating a cat’s natural instinct to hunt. Watching your cat bounce around and stalk prey may prove so entertaining that you’ll end up enjoying the toy as much as your pet does.

  1. You can keep track of your cat 24/7.

We’re not talking about “nanny cams,” though those are also an option. It’s now possible to monitor your pet’s activity at all times via GPS tracking. If you purchase a subscription plan, you can connect the device to your cell phone and check in on your cat whenever you want.

Perhaps the clearest advantage of this tool is the opportunity to track down a lost pet. Should your cat escape and wander off, a peek at your phone will give you the information you need to find them. You can also learn how much your cat moves around during the day, which is helpful for monitoring their health.

With these monitoring devices, you can even set it up to receive an alert to your phone should your cat move out of a designated “safe zone.” It’s remarkable to think of all the pets who could be reconnected with their homes thanks to these kinds of tools.


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